11 January 2016

Thoughts on Force Touch and Haptic Feedback in OS X

Back at the end of October I couldn’t resist getting a Magic Trackpad 2 for my iMac due to all three of its advancements over the earlier model:

  1. Force Touch and Haptic Feedback, the real topic of this post
  2. Built-in Lightning-rechargeable battery (which I have since on at least one occasion found the usefulness of the trackpad using USB for data while recharging when my iMac’s bluetooth refused to work until a reboot because I could still use a real trackpad in those minutes, even postpone the reboot if desired)
  3. 30% larger (which comes in handy in many ways, now that I’ve retrained my hand to remember its larger size)

In this intervening time as I’ve been at the forefront of this new input (Force Touch) and output (Haptic, or as Apple calls it Taptic, Feedback) dimension in OS X I’ve begun to recognize some of the ways Apple could expand this technology as it becomes more ubiquitous to literally add new dimensions to the OS without really needing any, or at least few, further hardware advancements.

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29 December 2015

Overview of Centralized WordPress Site Management

Somewhat following after my post regarding online security over the next few weeks I may be posting articles that branch off of that with more details about one item or another mentioned in that article.

A few days ago Mary asked me to guide her through understanding the full functionality of WordPress.com, especially given how much it has expanded its helpfulness towards anyone running self-hosted WordPress sites. No longer is it just for running WordPress.com-hosted sites, as I do none of that yet consider WordPress.com a very helpful tool. It is no joke that for lots of site management when I’m partly responsible for managing many different WP sites (over 6 different sites, all self-hosted) WordPress.com has become quite a central tool that makes many common management tasks more streamlined since it is one place I can go to accomplish many tasks even on more than one site at a time. In writing up notes to guide me in helping Mary, and to leave her with, I came to the realization that those notes may be useful to others (not the least being, potentially, some of the very clients I work with and others who may be helping to manage multiple WordPress sites either for personal and/or professional reasons). Those notes are after the break.

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25 December 2015

The Gift of Strongly Recommending Higher Personal Online Security

Today is Christmas, a day when a substantial portion of western humans celebrate by giving one another gifts and sitting by trees that we’ve brought into our home. If you know me well, you know how little that part matters to me anymore. So, in part, let me give all of you the gift of explaining just why taking advantage of a few higher security measures for online accounts of yours is actually something you should do, perhaps even making it a prior-to-2016-actually-starting New Year’s resolution to start doing. Before I go any further, for those who may ask, I wrote this across the weeks ahead of today, and it merely automatically posted itself this morning. Also, for those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!
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30 November 2015

Day by Day has Moved

Over the years this blog has changed in the type (and frequency) of content. I mean, I started it in 2002 when I was 10, being that my birth year is 1992. While at CSB/SJU I included fairly deep academic papers here, and discussion surrounding them. These days what I post here is largely far and few between, but quite substantive when I do post stories (the fact that I draft each post in Ulysses for a few days minimum and only transfer them to WordPress right at the time of posting is evidence of this). Not really the simple posts that this blog began with!

Over the years this blog has changed in the actual design of the site as well. Way early on it changed alongside a switch from Moveable Type to WordPress, which it uses to this day. Most recently, a few months ago, I switched the theme the site uses from an older 2010 iteration of our family’s custom theme (that I help manage the code of) to the 2013 iteration. This brought with it some minor design tweaks, but more importantly a unification of underlying code with other WordPress-based sites I help maintain (take a look at the Friends of St. Joesph website). Quite literally, all these sites’ copies of the theme use the same Git repository where the theme code truly resides and is distributed out of.

But that was just a precursor to the truly significant change that I made a week or so ago. No, there isn’t anything about the theme that has changed this time. Rather, for a hint look at the URL the blog is at. It no longer resides strictly within the alex.clst.org space that it used to be in since November 2002 (over the next few months I’ll be sifting what remains there into a more professional website, and leaving the rest as an archive). It is now at dbd.alex.clst.org, which is merely a front-end URL for the site truly living within wp.clst.org. For those of you that manage websites with self-hosted WordPress installations that URL may be a hint to you as to what is going on at this web space. Day by Day has joined a growing number of my family’s personal blogs and WP sites we run for smaller groups (including the Friends of St. Joseph) in our WordPress network. A WordPress network, or multi-site installation, is essentially a self-hosted WordPress.com-like website. Each site can look entirely independent, including having completely different URLs, but share the exact same WordPress installation, themes, and plugins. This is a change I’ve been contemplating for months, largely as it vastly simplifies managing software updates and other maintenance needs of the site, since those come “for free” with doing such tasks for the network as a whole.

The old URLs of Day by Day should redirect completely over to their new counterparts, including all deeper URLs into the site. This means that even the RSS feed just continues to work, but I do suggest that anyone who subscribes to Day by Day via RSS make sure that they’re subscribed using the new RSS feed just in case. Also, those of you who were subscribed via email or following on WordPress.com will need to resubscribe as there is no way for me to transfer those subscriptions, unfortunately. I don’t foresee any more significant systemic changes to my blog anytime in the near future (though minor theme modifications may occur even more often now that the site uses the exact copy of the theme used by other sites as well). Please do let me know if you see anything awry with the site, because there may be small issues persisting that I missed.

25 November 2015

Thoughts Following the #4thPrecinctShutdown March

As anyone who’s friends with me on Facebook, or ran into me there, already knows I spent yesterday afternoon into the evening at the #4thPrecinctShutdown protest and march that went from the 4th precinct into downtown to Minneapolis City Hall. In many ways it was energizing to be a part of that crowd. Since we all know the media coverage of such things is severely tilted in one direction I thought it well worth writing some of my thoughts here, as someone who was actually there experiencing it firsthand. Invariably more will be posted on Facebook over the coming days.

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22 August 2015

First Impressions with having an Apple Watch

A month and a half or so ago I had not worn a watch since somewhere during high school. Then my brother got himself an Apple Watch Sport and I eventually used his old Pebble for a few weeks, throwing myself firmly back in the (smart)watch fold. Mostly justified by an unexpected consulting source of income my dad eventually bought an Apple Watch Sport for himself, along with he and my brother buying leather bands for their watches. When they decided they preferred the sport bands they traded their leather bands for, plus a small amount extra, a Sport for my mom (ostensibly as a research leave gift). When they went to the Apple Store to do this I went along to try a Sport on myself (I had, too, done this the first day anyone could do so in an Apple Store). Not a week later I, also largely justified by an unexpected consulting project I had, bought an Apple Watch Sport as well. Within a matter of weeks all four of us now have Apple Watches. That was a couple weeks ago. I feel that I should discuss some of my initial impressions and observations now that I have this device on my wrist all day every day, so you can read those after the break.
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5 June 2015

Lessons from Growing up Amongst Two Distinct Countries

I’ve had the privilege of growing up at the intersection of the cultures, expectations, and practices of two countries. Officially I was born in Beverly, MA and grew up in Boston my first 8 years and Saint Paul, MN since, still living there to this day. Truly an American by citizenship, place of residence, and how people from other countries view me. Yet I was barely older than 1 year old when I first spent a few weeks in Vienna, Austria and that city, country, its culture and language, have been a solid part of my life ever since, to the point where Vienna may well be the only place outside the US that I also consider home.

I’ve recently come away from spending 2.5 weeks in Austria (in fact I started drafting this post about a week ago somewhere north of Reykjavik on the flight home), quite likely the last time I’ll be there with my entire immediate family, and last time period until who knows when. So there were a number of times my thoughts strayed into what I can bring back to better the wider US society, or at least hope to, from my fairly unique experiences thus far in my life. Let me discuss a few of those here.
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